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Wholesalers & Distributors of Ambient, Chilled & Frozen Foods Tel: 01384 458116 - Email: orders@carrsfoodsltd.co.uk / sales@carrsfoodsltd.co.uk

Welcome to the homepage of Carr’s Chilled Foods Ltd

Thanks for dropping by.

Don’t let the ‘Chilled’ in our name fool you, here at Carr’s Chilled Foods we are able to supply a massive range of Ambient Products Chilled Products Frozen Products all at great prices.

We source directly from some of the country’s leading food manufacturers and supply Wholesalers, Retailers and Caterers.

Our reputation amongst our customers has been built on friendly, helpful and knowledgeable service and we endeavour to consistently meet the high standards we have set ourselves.

All our customers are highly valued from the smallest to the largest. For us ‘No order is too big or too small’.

Our Product Range

Here you will find a selection of our products. If you can’t find what you are looking for please contact us and we will discuss with you your specific needs.

Chilled Products

A massive range of Chilled products including cooked meats, cheese, bacon, gammon, sausage and burgers.

Frozen Products

A large and constantly changing selction of frozen fish, chicken, vegetable and potato products.

If you require prices or any further information about our products please get in touch on 01384 458116 or sales@carrsfoodsltd.co.uk



150g Vac Bacon
200G Vac Bacon
400G Vac Bacon
20LB Prime Bacon
Mishape Bacon
400g Economy Bacon
150g Unsmoked CAP Danish Sizzling Bacon
150g Smoked CAP Danish Sizzling Bacon
200g Unsmoked CAP Danish Sizzling Bacon
200g Smoked CAP Danish Sizzling Bacon
300g Unsmoked CAP Danish Sizzling Bacon
300g Smoked CAP Danish Sizzling Bacon
220g Walls Unsmoked Bacon
220g Walls Smoked Bacon
R/W Gammon Steak


454g Black Pudding Rings
170g Black Pudding
170g White Pudding


2lb Farmhouse
2lb Tomato
2lb Cotwold
2lb Apple
2lb Garlic
2lb Lincoln
2lb Old English
2lb Pork & Leek
2lb Cumberland
2lb Black Pudding
2lb Brazilian
2lb Chilli
2lb Sage & Onion
2lb Mustard
2lb Lamb & Mint
Richmond Thick Fresh Sausage 454g
Richmond Thin 340g
Richmond Skinless 213g


Coronation Chicken
 Chicken Mayo
 Chicken Bacon Mayo
 Chicken Sage & Onion
 Chicken Tikka
 Cheese & Ham
 Cheese & Onion
 Ham & Cheese Slaw
 Egg & Sausage
 Egg Bacon Mayo
 Egg Mayo
 Tuna Mayo
 Tuna Sweetcorn
Ham & Cheese Toasties
Wall’s Bacon Baguettes
Wall’s Sausage Muffin


Fridge Raiders Roast
Fridge Raiders Southern Fried
Fridge Raiders Tikka
Fridge Raiders BBQ
Attack A Snack Ham & Cheese
Mattessons Strip Stick Roast
Mattessons Strip Stick BBQ
Mattessons Smoked Pork Sausage
Mattessons Meateors BBQ
Mattessons Meateors Hot & Spicy


227G Trad Ham
500g Trad Slices
180G Beef
180G Cooked Ham
180G Breaded Ham
180G Honeyroast Ham
180G Chicken
180G Chicken & Stuffing
180G Pork & Stuffing
180G Corned Beef
125G Honeyroast
125G Oven Ham
125G Crumbed Ham


100g Sliced Turkey
100g Sliced Chicken
100g American Fried
140g Wafer Thin Turkey Ham
100g Chunky Roast Turkey
100g Chunky Tikka Turkey
100g Chunky BBQ Turkey
100g Chunky Sweet Chilli Turkey
100g Chicken Breast Pieces
200g Turkey/Chicken Breast Saddlepack
280g Wafer Thin Ham / Turkey Saddlepack
320g Wafer Thin Turkey Ham


250g Wafer Thin Cooked Ham
250g Wafer Thin Honey Roast Ham
100g Roast Chicken
100g Honey Roast Ham
100g Cooked Ham


Twin / Single Pack Cheeseburger
Twin / Single Pack Chicken Burger
Twin / Single Pack Rib Burger
Single Pack Hot Dog
Quarter Pounder
Chicken Sandwich
Chicken Sub
Deluxe Burger
Sausage Muffin
EDLP Cheeseburger
EDLP Chicken Burger

Rustlers are the leading microwavable burger brand in the country.
This product combines a great tasting quality burger with convenience. Ready in minutes.


Wall’s 150G Sausage Roll
Wall’s 140g Cheese & Onion Roll
Wall’s 227g Large Pasty
Wall’s 180g Chicken & Bacon Slice
Wall’s 180g Peppered Steak Slice
Wall’s 180g Chicken Tikka Slice
Wall’s 180g Chicken & Mushroom Slice
Wall’s 180g BBQ Pork Slice
Millers 140g Sausage Roll
Millers 130g Ind Pork Pie
Millers 150g Minced Beef & Onion Slice
Millers 150g Chicken Tikka Slice
Millers 150g Chicken & Mushroom Slice
Millers 150g Cheese & Onion Slice


200g Mild
200g Mature
200g Cheshire
350g Colliers Cheese
350g Cathedral City Mature
400g Mild
400g Mature
400g Ex Mature


Just Like Butter 250g
Just Like Butter 500g
Willow 250g
Clover 500g
Utterly Butterly 500g



Garden Peas 900g
Cauliflower Florets 900g
Whole Green Beans 900g
Sweet Corn Kernels 900g
Mixed Peppers 900g
Carrots 900g


Battered Nuggets 1kg

We stock a vast and varied range of frozen battered, breaded, southern fried and plain chicken.
Our chicken range includes nuggets, burgers, goujons, wings etc. Please contact us for our current product list.


We stock a vast and varied range of frozen fish. Our fish products include cod, haddock, fishcakes, fish fingers etc. Please contact us for our current product list.


Spicy Stir Fry with Rice 600g


Hash Browns 800g
Potato Fritters 700g
Straight cut oven Chips 900g
Potato Footballs 800g
Microwavable French Fries 800g
Oven Roast Potatoes 800g
Fun Potato Smiles 800g
Garlic & Herb Wedges 800g
Spicy Wedges 800g
Potato Swirls 800g
Potato Croquettes 800g